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  • Organic, humane & sustainable The environment, at the heart of our project

    Respect for the environment and an eco-responsible approach
    The philosophy of Bord à Bord has not changed since its founding: 100% of ingredients are from organic agriculture. Priority is given to local products or the closest possible sources.
    Like everyone, we grow and we learn. Everyday, Bord à Bord applies itself to reducing its environmental impact and now incorporates this eco-design approach at the outset of each project.
    • Packaging was studied to promote reuse and recycling.
    • Employees are at the heart of the project and participate in the recycling of all materials in production, the offices or the communal kitchen.
    • Finally, the choice of investments support this policy, whether for the recovery of calories from refrigeration units or for the improvement of ergonomic workstations.

  • History of Bord à Bord We have been on this journey for 24 years

    If today we can admit eating seaweed without being taken for a crazy person, when Henri Courtois presented his seaweed and his project in 1996, most of his interlocutors thought that the excess iodine had gone to his head.
    Convinced of the culinary potential of seaweed, he rode his bike with its cooler of fresh seaweed, from the most starred kitchens to the local bistro, passing by vegetarian restaurants, delicatessens and organic product stores. If the desire to eat these marine plants is there, then “how do we do it”?, which led Henri to offer “ready to eat” products. The range of Bord à Bord tartares was launched.

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