Bord à Bord Recipes with organic seaweed from Brittany

Recipes of the sea

Butter with 3 kinds of seaweed

  • 15 min
  • 120 min


◦ 250g of lightly salted butter
◦ 60g of thin, desalted blades of seaweed (sea lettuce, dulse and nori)


◦ 2 hours before completion, remove the butter from the refrigerator.
◦ Evenly chop the seaweed with the knife. The largest pieces should not exceed 15 mm.
◦ Mix with softened butter. Mix well so that the mixture is homogeneous and without air pockets.
◦ Form the butter as desired on parchment paper, or put it in a box or cookie cutter to “mould” it.
◦ Let harden in the refrigerator before serving. It may be stored for about 10 days, at 0-4°C.

The special trick


This butter is perfect with a seafood platter. You can also let it melt over the fish after cooking like a butter maitre d’hôtel

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