Bord à Bord Recipes with organic seaweed from Brittany



The range of flavours, textures and colours that the seaweed world offers is extraordinary. The Bord à Bord range is inspired by nature to offer a wide range of tastes in easy-to-use products.
All of the ingredients used are organic and exclusively plant-based.

Fresh Range

Tartares Addictive flavour

Our fresh seaweed tartares are a fun gourmet way to discover the universe of organic seaweeds.
No cooking, no sterilisation, seaweed is raw... that’s what is good!
The strength of these preparations lies in the iodised balance of seaweed and 100% organic ingredients in their compositions.
Every day, our team carefully prepares these recipes which will accompany your appetisers, meals and cooking...
Capers and onion season the classic whilst lemon confit gives a punch to the eponymous tartare, along with Mediterranean flavours and olive oil of Provence.

Fresh Range

Mayonnalg Smoothness on your table

A 100% vegetable-based, mayonnaise-like sauce with raw seaweed, Bord à Bord has done it!
For more than 20 years, we have developed plant-based products and our chef wanted to make an emulsified sauce with a good house mayonnaise taste.
With this objective in mind, we selected the best ingredients and worked with the original recipe. Nothing different except a missing egg yolk and a suspicion of guar gum.

Fresh Range

Mustards Spiciness on your table

Ancestral condiment in France, Bord à Bord revisits this classic of French cuisine.
A strong Dijon mustard (which we humorously call "Wasabi Breton"), seasoned with our fresh seaweed, as well as a more subtle turmeric and Timut pepper for a voyage into the mountains of Nepal. These two mustards are perfect companions in the kitchen: season the bottom of a pan, make a quick sauce, prepare a salty vinaigrette... the spiciness will no longer be a secret for you!

Grocery range

Les pestos aux algues Deux recettes pour des gourmandises iodées!

L’équipe du bord avait à coeur de réaliser un pesto aux algues pour votre cuisine du quotidien.
Comme nous sommes une bande de gourmands complètement iodés, ce n’est pas une, mais deux recettes qui sont sorties de notre cuisine.
Le vert, avec plus de 20 % de laitue de mer associée au basilic et aux graines de tournesol toastées est une recette qui rappelle la tradition Italienne du pesto « à la Genovese ».

"Démocratiser l’algue au travers de recettes gourmandes prêtes à l’emploi est la marque de fabrique de Bord à bord, artisan de l’algue".

Le rouge, avec de la tomate et du piment d’Espelette qui viennent assaisonner avec piquant cette recette composée de plus de 20% de dulse, une magnifique algue rouge bretonne.

Grocery range

Appetiser crackers Taste the sea!

Hugo, our crazy chef, made the bet that he can put more than 20% fresh seaweed in an appetiser cracker. A few kilos of flour and seaweed later, two recipes are finally ready
Seaweed, toasted buckwheat & Timut pepper shortbread was the favourite of Paulette the seagull, and the Roscoff seaweed & onion wafer caught cute Bob the walrus, which accompany your aperitifs brilliantly. Crispy and gourmet, you do not need more to enjoy a pleasant moment!

Grocery range

Les Tapas de la Mer L’apéritif breton en mode festif et ensoleillé !

Ces nouveaux tartinables pasteurisés débarquent en fin d’année au rayon épicerie !
3 recettes gourmandes idéales à offrir ou à partager entre amis à l’apéritif. L’équipe du bord vous a mitonné des recettes simples et délicieuses où les algues sont délicatement hachées avant d’être assaisonnées, puis pasteurisées pour une conservation longue durée à température ambiante.
Les saveurs délicates de l’algue seront cependant optimales si vous servez bien FRAIS !

Grocery range

Confits Revealing flavours

Whether it is used as a condiment or culinary aid, these 3 recipes with their concentration of flavours were inspired by kitchens here and abroad.
A good local confit recipe with Roscoff onion, Kombu Royal and pink peppercorns, Tsukudani made of Kombu Royal inspired by an ancestral Japanese recipe and its variation with Yuzu kosho which brings freshness and chilli pepper. Cooking seaweed becomes child’s play, wow your guests with these seaweed condiments accompanying your dishes!

Grocery range

Spices of the sea Always on the table

The Bord à Bord seaweed sprinkles will instantly assist you in your kitchen with seaweed recipes.
3 elegant jars in a recyclable carton, filled of iodised flavours.
Seaweed salt, court bouillon with seaweed and a mixture of 3 flavours allows you to lightly season your preparations.
Agar-agar is a perfect plant-based gelatin, as a substitute for traditional gelatin.

Grocery range

Dried seaweed An authentic flavour

All the flavours of seaweed in these bags, compliance with low temperature dehydration to guarantee you the best quality.

A slow drying process preserves the aromatic qualities of the dried seaweed, which no longer needs to be proven. They will be easily incorporated into your cooking on a daily basis.

Grocery range

Les conserves à l’ancienne Les algues au naturel

Une autre façon de consommer les algues et les plantes de rivage.
Le spaghetti de mer, algue présente en grande quantité en Bretagne, se prête parfaitement à la conserve pour une utilisation culinaire similaire aux haricots. La salicorne est une plante de rivages également adaptée à ce mode de conservation pratique.


Vive les algues! (Long live seaweed!) For a cuisine full of vitality!

Our chef Hugo has created for you 80 recipes with seaweed.

Vinaigrette, pesto, pie, croque-monsieur, tapen’alg, vegetable taramasalata, gougére...
Fresh seaweed takes the place of honour as for Hugo it’s the best for cooking.

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