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Vegetable beignets (fritters) easy to make

  • 20 min
  • 10 min


Serves 4:
◦ 50g of lemon (or Provençal) seaweed tartare
◦ 1 carrot
◦ 1 courgette
◦ 1/2 a pepper
◦ A 10cm piece of leek
◦ 1 egg
◦ 3 tbsp of flour
◦ 1 tsp of baking powder
◦ Oil for frying


◦ Wash, peel and julienne the vegetables.
◦ In a bowl, mix the egg beaten with sifted flour and yeast. The dough must be slightly liquid.
◦ Add the vegetables and seaweed tartare, mix and season to taste.
◦ Heat your deep fryer to 160°C or a frying pan with oil.
◦ Place a small “pile” of vegetables with a spoon, brown them whilst stirring from time to time, place on paper towel, and add sea salt.

The special trick


To go with your fritters, dice a tomato, add a spring onion or red onion, a spoon of lemon confit tartare sauce and a little olive oil...

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