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Stuffed mussels au Tartare d’algues provençal

La recette des moules farcies express par la cuisine Bord à bord ! Notre préparation des moules farcies s’effectue avec un Tartare d’algues provençal pour la touche fraîche et iodée. La préparation et les ingrédients sont à retrouver ci-dessous.

  • 30 min
  • 15 min


Makes one litre of mussels
◦ 60g of Provençal seaweed tartare
◦ 1 litre of seasonal mussels
◦ 100g of breadcrumbs or crushed rusks
◦ 15g of butter at room temperature (softened)


First step:
◦ Remove any barnacles and wash the mussels.
◦ In a saucepan, heat a little water, and then bring to a boil. Put the mussels in, cover and stir after a minute.
◦ Stop cooking when the mussels are open. Keep only the shells with the fruit.

Second step:
Mix the bread crumbs with
the butter and tartare. Stuff the shells with this mixture.

Third step:
When serving, brown in the oven in grill position, or in a frying pan by placing the stuffed shells in the frying pan (not too cooked, just colorful!).

The special trick


You can also use parsley or snail butter You only have to mix as much butter as there is tartare without the breadcrumbs. Try over meat or fish!

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