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White fish tartare with lemon confit seaweed tartare

  • 15 min


Makes 4 starters:
◦ 60g of lemon confit (or classic) seaweed tartare
◦ 150g of extra-fresh white fish fillets, like pollack, seabass or seabream. Choose fish with bright eyes and crimson red gills.
◦ 1 lime


How to make:
◦ Cut the fish into small cubes.
◦ Mix with seaweed tartare, 1/4 lime (pressed), season with sea salt if necessary, and then store in the refrigerator.
◦ Serve well chilled, with a tower of ground pink peppercorns
and toasted wholewheat bread.
For a more tender meat, choose line-caught fish.

The special trick


You can swap white fish for scallops or even beef!

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